We are offered  safe and secure environment with our custom video surveillance solution.

SSSS Safe Secure Surveillance Solutions is a team of professional and experienced technicians and we first carefully assess your needs and your site prior providing a quotation. We take our job extremely seriously and proudly state that we completed all our projects with 100% satisfaction exceeding all requirements. Video Surveillance industry and IT consultation for both residential, commercial and highly complex industrial sites.


 SSSS   Safe Secure Surveillance Solutions   Types

  • Wireless Solution
  • Wired /IP Solution    



        SSSS wireless give you control over your environment by providing flexible deployment options in virtually any setting. Inside and outside. Even in the harshes and most challenging conditions.

A wired camera has a video cable that transmits the video signal from the camera to a recording or viewing device.

A wireless camera does not use a video cable. Instead, it wirelessly transmits the video signal to a wireless receiver that is connected to your recording or viewing device. Although the typical digital wireless camera is priced slightly higher than a wired camera, wireless cameras can provide cost savings compared to standard wired setups. For example, wireless cameras do not require cabling to be run between the camera and the viewing / recording device, which reduces installation time and cost.


Video surveillance makes it easy for you to keep track of your house at any time. Protect your loved ones and your valuables with the cutting edge surveillance solutions

We take pride in offering only the best systems. Our security camera systems are professional security camera solutions that are designed with simple operations features. We offer various packages that will suit your needs. For custom solutions, please contact us.

Should I buy a Wired Camera or a Wireless Camera?
The advantages of wireless camera are that (a) it is convenient to be installed in those locations where wiring is difficult, if not impossible; (b) it can be moved to different locations easily, as often as you like; (c) it can be hidden inside a moving object like inside your cloth, cap, briefcase or carrying bag etc. The disadvantages are: (a) video stream may be disturbed or influenced by other moving objects or other strong radio frequencies. A wired camera is more stable in this respect. (b) video/audio transmission is limited within the prescribed transmission range. These disadvantages will not occur to a wired camera.