Point to Point/Multi Point

Now providing High Speed Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Internet across Middle India and beyond.

A point-to-multipoint network is a network that can connect one radio on one of our POP locations to multiple radios/transmitters at customer locations. ITechHive can install a high speed point-to-multipoint network for a very reasonable cost compared to point to point connections where we must dedicated a node per customer. A point to multipoint network can provide high bandwidth and is dependable regardless of the weather or other environmental concerns. With a high speed point to multipoint network, businesses can support many of their multimedia applications with the added advantage of high upload rates.

In Today’s market, ITechHive install the leading edge wireless point to point bridging solutions. Working in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies and from 100mbps to 4Gbps full duplex, ITechHive can deliver wireless connectivity with unparalleled performance and reliability.
A microwave connection has much less network equipment for data to flow through than a fiber cable connection due to signal traveling as the crow files. This directly translates to less latency and higher availability. There are therefore fewer possibilities of equipment issues that could disrupt the network connection compared to cable, dsl or fiber.