ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. offers different services end-users Customer is our first superiority so we always bother of their demand also. We are basically into Internet services. We offer effectual services for our cherished customers at sustainable prices. Our convincing services are Internet Lease Line, Internet services for Home and Corporate user services.



1. Network Infrastructure

An organization’s ability to deliver results is strongly determined by its backbone i.e. IT Infrastructure. Rapid technological developments have made IT-related decisions simply ‘complex’. Today building a converged network infrastructure that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective involves integrating multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies. ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. Network infrastructure group today offers:

. Structured Cabling solutions
. Converged Local Area networking solutions
. Converged Wide Area networking solutions

The focus is on ‘Solutions Integration’ rather than ‘Systems Integration’. At ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. building a network involves an assessment of the current infrastructure, understanding the customer’s unique requirements, designing an optimal solution and finally deployment of the solution.

2. Broadband Internet Services

ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. offers broad range of connectivity options that go parallel to your internet objectives. It gives us great pleasure to share national level strategic alliance with World Phone, Bharti, Reliance Communication and VSNL. With almost 450 Mbps of Internet bandwidth,ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. network is readily available in any part of India, at the best possible rates.
Our technology is far superior to most ISPs. We offer dedicated, fully managed and unlimited Internet access, with an up time of 99%. ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. flawless connectivity will help you boost employee productivity. Our services are backed by a 24×7 customer support, which will be there to assist you round-the-clock.

3. Wireless

Wireless technology enables higher degree of mobility and network access – “Stay connected anytime, anywhere”. As more unique applications of wireless technology appear, enterprises are migrating towards ‘unwired’ connectivity. Some of the key benefits include:
.Mobility: Anywhere, Anytime access to real-time information
.Easy Deployment: A wireless system is easy to deploy without hassles of wiring the entire office.
ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. follows a multi-step approach to implement WLAN starting with:
.Discovery workshop: ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. will undertake a study to understand the functional, technical and security requirements.
.Feasibility assessment: ITechHive Pvt. Ltd. will determine the feasibility of implementing a wireless solution and recommend appropriate location to ensure optimal connectivity.
.Network Design: Network Design and topology will be provided after taking into consideration security issues.